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Dear Friend and Neighbor,

Thank you for coming to visit our website. By clicking through our homepage you have acknowledged your desire to learn more about your family, the Jewish People. Dating back over 3321 years, the Jewish people have baffled the world with their stubbornness and tenacity and refusal to disappear and go the way of the Greek or Roman Empires or any other mighty kingdoms that dominated the world in their time.

Judaism is not a kingdom. Jewish belief is not one of ruling the world, lording over others or even trying to convert others. Rather, Jewish belief dictates that the Jew, born of a Jewish mother live their own lives according to the blueprint provided to us by G-d at Mount Sinai and, by living ones life the correct way, set an example to the rest of humanity as to how G-d wants us to live.

There are those who will posit that Jews are a divided people and we can practice as we see fit. Arguably, this is a sad statement because, as only .03 percent of the world population, and vanishing quickly, one would think we should do what we can to seek out our commonalities rather than our differences. This website is dedicated to seek out what we Jews, as a whole, have in common as our highest common denominator. It has been said that, in order to know what is worth living for, one must determine what they are willing to die for. It is our hope that this site will shed light on the heritage, history and culture of the Jews throughout the ages and how such Judaism is vibrant, relevant, and indeed, worth living for.



Joel Rubin


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