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Alan Alda, Sandra Bullock and G-d

There are those who will watch a movie with Alan Alda or Sandra Bullock and analyze the plot line while sipping red eye frappuccinos at Starbucks till the coffee is room temperature and the chairs are piled high on the table next to them, signifying closing time.

Sadly, some of these people are the same people who read through the Torah on a once a year visit to the synagogue and assume that it is simply a compilation of stories. 


Are we so far lost in Hollywood fantasy that we have lost sight of the realities in our own backyard?  The beauty of a budding flower as a gift from our Father who wants us to enjoy His world?  Or perhaps the burst of juice that comes from a G-d protected, yet perfectly peeled orange that breaks up into perfect bite size pieces? 


While the Torah is replete with much more than stories, it is perhaps from the seeming simplicity of the stories that some of the greatest lessons can be learned. 


In the book of Breishis, (Genesis 37:35), we learn about Yaakov (Jacob) mourning his son Yosef (Joseph) thinking that he had died after his brothers sold him into slavery.  The Torah says that all of Yaakov's children got up to comfort him but the Torah does not relate what was said. 


Imagine if the Torah related the words spoken; imagine if we would have been given the magic words needed for to comfort a parent who (we should never be faced with such a challenge) loses a child.  And yet, the Torah relates that they simply stood up; no words were spoken because there was nothing they could say that would assuage the grief of a parent who loses a child.  Yaakov's children felt that their mere presence would be a comfort.  The did not understand that, no matter how many children a father has, each one is precious and to lose even one is a cause for tremendous anguish. 


Living in 2009, in the New York area, we find ourselves surrounded by the largest group of Torah practicing Jews outside of Israel in the entire world.  We might think that, if we lose our way from the way the Torah teaches, if we are less than observant than G-d wants us to be, surely G-d must be comforted and satisfied with all the observance we see going on in the world today. 


And yet, we learn from the true eternal stories from the Torah, that a Father who has even one child lose his way will not be comforted. A Father wants to see all of His children come home.  And until all of His children come home... He remains brokenhearted.


The next time we take a sip of that coffee at Starbucks, or take a bite from that juicy orange, let us analyze where it all came from and remember our Father who misses us and wants us to come home.    


With thanks to R' Yechiel Spero for sharing this insight.

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