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There is a wonderful "Juda-ism" that states “There is no limit to what man can accomplish when he doesn't care who gets the credit."  To that end, we at Jewtooth.com, have compiled a list of websites that are similar to ours in outlook and corporate philosophy.  It is also said that  "A treasure under your own house, no matter how valuable, is worthless unless you know it is there."  We hope you will dig deep into the websites we recommend and come away with a deeper understanding of the treasure Judaism has to offer.  If the links herein lead you to other sites, we make no representation as to the authenticity of what is being taught there. We encourage you to contact us with any questions and/or concerns.  We can be emailed at rebbe@facebukerrebbe.com. As always, your feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

Anti Missionary - Not Anti Christian

There are those who will come to this section itching for a fight.  I'm sorry but you are not going to get one here.  If you are a member of any faith other than Judaism, we respect your right to worship as you please.   We respectfully request you  allow us the same right.  Judaism does not seek converts and any arguments you might see spelled out herein  why Christianity is not the correct religion only applies to Jews.  You see, Judaism does not recognize conversion out of the Jewish faith.  Under carefully defined guidelines converts have been accepted into the Jewish religion but once a Jew is born a Jew, they remain a Jew forever. 

Let us be very clear about this:  If a person is born of a Jewish mother, whose mother was Jewish as well, that person is Jewish - whether they observe the Torah, call themselves, Orthodox, Conservative,  Reform, Reconstructionist or even Jews for Jesus.  As such we have provided the list below for those who might be misinformed about their Jewishness and what Jesus has to do with it.   

www.jewsforjudaism.org Jews for Judaism Mission is to strengthen and preserve Jewish identity through education and counseling that counteracts deceptive proselytizing targeting Jews for conversion.

www.drazin.com    www.outreachjudaism.org   www.26Reasons.com    www.messiahtruth.com

www.yadlachimusa.org.il   www.yadleachim.org (Hebrew)   www.yadleachim.org/ru (Russian)       

http://www.messianictruth.info/    http://peninataylor.com/

Dying, Death and Mourning

What is it about death that brings out such a deep connection to spirituality?  Others may wonder, what is it that is missing in my life that makes me feel so empty when a loved one passes away?  Do Jews believe in Hell?  Is Hell bad?  Is it hypocritical to say kaddish when I'm not even observant?  What is kaddish and how can I learn more about it?  And so  much more... all at www.mykaddish.com a project of www.partnersintorah.org 

For information on Jewish Traditional burial practices please visit www.nasck.org  

Interactive Learning for the 5760s

http://www.projectsinai.org is an educational community founded on personal growth.  Programs and events are primarily live and interactive so you’ll be able to take part in discussions with the presenters and other event participants.  Philosophically programs are aligned with Jewish concepts and philosophy but content is not dedicated solely to religion and spirituality.  Criteria for events is that they help you improve yourself and the world around you.

Jewish Learning For Women

http://jewel4women.com/tutition.html  - JEWEL is unique.  It is the only program in Jerusalem created just for women that is not a full-time seminary.  Classes are intimate, and all are invited to question and learn at their own pace in a relaxed setting.   

This carefully tailored program introduces concepts in Jewish philosophy and observance, probes essential questions, delves into prayer and Hebrew texts, and explores the Torah approach to personal growth and relationships.

Learn To Read Hebrew

http://www.hebrewbible.co.il/index2.php Read and Understand the Bible in the Original Hebrew - Immediately!

Secret of Happiness & 3 College Credits

Do you want to be happy?  Do you believe there is a secret formula to happiness? Harvard University thinks so and the most popular course at Harvard is called “The Happy Course”. Well, actually, it is called Positive Psychology and you can take the course right here for a lot less than it would cost you at Harvard.   Check out  http://www.jerusalemonlineuniversity.com/ 

Shabbat Hospitality

http://www.shabbat.com also know as www.seeyouonshabbos.com is your one stop website to find a host for Shabbos with hosts all around the world.  You can register as a guest, as a host, or both and help bring the Jewish people together.  This website also has a component for marriage minded singles looking to build a Torah home.  Click here, register & I'll See You On Shabbos.

The Jewish Student Experience

http://www.thejse.com/   Welcome To the Jewish Student Experience at University of Washington!  The JSE at UW welcomes you to a year of opportunities!  Find YOUR place, right here...  Inspiration. Soul food. Israel Trips. Friendship. Hebrew classes. Retreats. Torah wisdom.  A place to chillax.  And of course, our famously gourmet Shabbat cuisine! It's all inside...

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