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There is a wonderful "Juda-ism" that states “There is no limit to what man can accomplish when he doesn't care who gets the credit."  To that end, we at Jewtooth.com, have compiled a list of websites that are similar to ours in outlook and corporate philosophy.  It is also said that  "A treasure under your own house, no matter how valuable, is worthless unless you know it is there."  We hope you will dig deep into the websites we recommend and come away with a deeper understanding of the treasure Judaism has to offer.  If the links herein lead you to other sites, we make no representation as to the authenticity of what is being taught there. We encourage you to contact us with any questions and/or concerns.  We can be emailed at rebbe@facebukerrebbe.com. As always, your feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

26 Free Jewish Downloads

www.classicsinai.com  Jewish MP3 Downloads on topics such as Marriage: How to Have a Good Fight; Happiness; Crash Course in Jewish Holidays; Crash course in Jewish History and 22 other topics of relevance in the 21st Century.   

Audio/Visual Downloads Anytime

www.Torahanytime.com   Thought provoking lectures on a wide range of Jewish topics from the most basic level to the more advanced. If it’s out there, you’ll find it here.

Jewish Audio & Video At Its Finest

www.simpletoremember.com/media/  Click here for some of the best speakers in the Jewish world today.

Judaism Downloaded

www.aishaudio.com This web site offers a searchable database of over 1400 (and growing) classes, lectures and seminars available for download from the Aish HaTorah - Voices from Jerusalem catalog. Courses include, but are not limited to Politics, Science, Anti Semitism, Comparative Religion, Basic Judaism and much, much more.

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