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Recomended Reading List

Yinglish -- A Lexicon of Judeo-English

Over 1,500 Jewish words used in Judeo-English
Click Here to download

Loving, Learning and Living With Newly Observant Jews

A Guide for Families and Friends
By Aliza Bulow and Oralee Stiles
Click Here to download

On One Foot: How Mitzvos Make Us into Wonderful People

A wonderful work by my esteemed colleague , Rabbi Y. Weiner (Boston, Massachusetts) , shared to demonstrate how Judaism, and all of the mitzvos (even the mitzvos that are bain adam lemakom/Between man and G-d) of the Torah helps us to improve our midos/character traits so that we can resemble and come close to Hashem. It is based primary on the approaches of Rav Shamshon Raphael Hirsch and the Ramchal/ Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzato. www.jewtooth.com/OnOneFoot/

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Judaica Press -- Jewish books for every interest!


Thanks to our readers' contributions, we have gathered summer reading lists by grade, along with reviews of new books, interviews with favorite authors

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