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The Piano Boy

This song, based on a true story, helps us realize just how much beautiful music our lives can create when we recognize G-ds involvement in out lives. 


The young boy counted down the days, excitement in the air,
He was going to a concert, nothing could compare --
To hear the great Paderewski play, and his solemn word he gave --
No matter what, no matter when, he promised he'd behave

Arriving at the concert hall, dressed so prim and fine,
The chandeliers magnificent; the ambience divine.
He could not help but wonder:
Could a boy his age ever be that special one to perform on stage?

Lost in conversation, his mother steps aside.
The curious little boy slips away to hide.
The audience is seated now, the show set to begin --
She looks around, he cannot be found, as the house lights start to dim.

Now the crowd grows silent, there's much anticipation --
Frantically, she's searching with nervous trepidation.
Suddenly, before her eyes, her little boy appears.
He walks up front onto the stage; the place erupts in cheers

He sits by the piano, his hands placed on the keys --
Twinkle twinkle little star with such skilled expertise.
On the stage steps Paderewski, the boy's mother is now praying --
But he wraps his arms around the little boy and whispers, "Keep on playing!"

Their fingers dance together now, in harmony they play --
The simple song is now transformed -- to take your breath away.
Finally the medley ends, to the crowd's standing ovation.
The great Paderewski takes a bow alongside the new sensation.

The little boy is each one of us; our lives are on that stage.
We are children when we step on it, no matter what our age.
But Hashem wraps his arms around us, and whispers in our ear --
Just keep on playing, you're doing great, I promise I'll always be here

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