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Engaging our senses through audio visual stimulation is just one way we can connect with our souls.  How many times have we walked down the street, passed a bakery, and been transported back to a simpler time or a happier memory?  How many times have we walked out of class or the office and been overwhelmed by the beauty of a spring day or the crisp cold air of a snow day?   Or perhaps listening to the crunching leaves underfoot as we allow the Fall to seep into our system?   To recognize that our ability visualize or hear comes from a Greater power is a first step towards making that Power part of our everyday lives.  We have assembled a variety of videos for your viewing, listening and thinking pleasure.  If you would like to be kept updated as we grow, please send an email with “subscribe" in the subject line to rebbe@facebukerrebbe.com  If you would like to be part of our mailing list, please share with us your snail mail information as well.    Enjoy!


Time to say Good Shabbos - Music Video

You know it's time to say Good Shabbos when Friday afternoon comes along. The week is done and it's time to step outside yourself and accept the G-d given gift of Shabbos.  A time to connect with family and friends, Shabbos is called, in the texts, a taste of the World to Come.  Enjoy!

The Torah Speaks To Us - Music Video

The Torah speaks to each and every one of us...  I  remember when I  was a counselor in upstate New York and I told the campers about a very special visitor who would come to tell His story that night.  The lights were dimmed in the bunk house; a single candle was lit and our special guest told the story in this video.  If you listen carefully, you just might think He is speaking to you.

The Secret to Jewish Survival in 2014

The secret to Jewish Survival in 2014 and beyond is really straightforward.  I’m not talking politically. I’m not talking geographically. I’m talking as a people, there is only one thing that will unite every single Jew.  It is important for Jews of all affiliations to to recognize the single common denominator that unites us all.  Click through and the secret to Jewish survival will no longer be a secret!

Aish in New York City

If you are in your twenties or thirties, in the New York City area, and want to connect with other Jews who appreciate eveything New York has to offer and still want to grow, check out the Aish Center.  Who knows?  You might even meet someone you'd be proud to bring home to your mother!

Understanding Free Will

I have free will.  I  can do as I please.  If I have free will and make all my own descisions because I was given free will by G-d, then why should we be punished for doing the wrong thing?  If I do the right thing because I choose to, and not because I'm supposed to, perhaps I don't deserve reward.  What is the Jewish view on "free will"?  One thing is for sure; If, on your own free will, you click through and watch this thought provoking, stimulating lecture by world renowned Rabbi Akiva Tatz, you view on the subject will never be the same.

Handling Crisis and Difficult Situations

What is the Jewish view of difficult situations?  What does Judaism have to say about handling crises?  It is our hope that you have found this video without going through a crisis and that the lessons learned can be used to help others in need.   Rabbi Akiva Tatz does an excellent job giving you the deeper meaning of this subject.

A Modern Jewish Superhero

Webster’s Dictionary defines a hero as a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities or, to put it another way, a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.  

Aaron Feuerstein, owner of Malden Mills, is a modern day hero. After his factory was destroyed by fire, Mr. Feuerstein could have retired for the rest of his life on the multi millions he was slated to collect from the insurance company.  No one would have blamed him if that was the route he chose.

Yet based on his understanding of the relevance of the teachings of his youth and his understanding of a 3321 year old document, the Torah, he continued to pay the salaries of his factory during the rebuilding of the factory.  More than rebuilding a business, Mr. Feuerstein saved a town and ensured himself, not just a factory for his lifetime, but a palace for eternity. 

The Piano Boy

This song, based on a true story, helps us realize just how much beautiful music our lives can create when we recognize G-ds involvement in out lives. 


The young boy counted down the days, excitement in the air,
He was going to a concert, nothing could compare --
To hear the great Paderewski play, and his solemn word he gave --
No matter what, no matter when, he promised he'd behave

Arriving at the concert hall, dressed so prim and fine,
The chandeliers magnificent; the ambience divine.
He could not help but wonder:
Could a boy his age ever be that special one to perform on stage?

Lost in conversation, his mother steps aside.
The curious little boy slips away to hide.
The audience is seated now, the show set to begin --
She looks around, he cannot be found, as the house lights start to dim.

Now the crowd grows silent, there's much anticipation --
Frantically, she's searching with nervous trepidation.
Suddenly, before her eyes, her little boy appears.
He walks up front onto the stage; the place erupts in cheers

He sits by the piano, his hands placed on the keys --
Twinkle twinkle little star with such skilled expertise.
On the stage steps Paderewski, the boy's mother is now praying --
But he wraps his arms around the little boy and whispers, "Keep on playing!"

Their fingers dance together now, in harmony they play --
The simple song is now transformed -- to take your breath away.
Finally the medley ends, to the crowd's standing ovation.
The great Paderewski takes a bow alongside the new sensation.

The little boy is each one of us; our lives are on that stage.
We are children when we step on it, no matter what our age.
But Hashem wraps his arms around us, and whispers in our ear --
Just keep on playing, you're doing great, I promise I'll always be here

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